Multimedia College, commercially known as MMC was rebranded in 2005. The college has moved away from pure technical subjects to a broader spectrum of courses, providing educational opportunities for staff as well as the public.

Living through its name, in 2008, the first batch of Diploma in Creative New Media officially joins the other eight (8) programmes. The programmes are:-

  1. Diploma in Management with Multimedia
  2. Diploma in Marketing with Multimedia
  3. Diploma in Mobile and Wireless Communication
  4. Diploma in Accounting with Multimedia
  5. Diploma in Multmedia Technology
  6. Diploma in Mutimedia Bussiness Computing
  7. Diploma in Technology (Telecommunication Engineering)
  8. Diploma in Computer Science

In 2009, it has been privatised as Multimedia College Sdn. Bhd. and be the subsidiary of Multimedia University or MMU. All programmes offered are opened for public.

In order to be the preferred education institution in developing skills to fulfill the industry’s demand, various courses was offered throughout the campuses which located in Kuala Lumpur, Perak, Terengganu, Sabah and Sarawak.

In 2013, MMC evolve once again, by progressively striving to be Malaysia’s leading Information and Communications Technology (ICT) & Multimedia education provider in nurturing holistic human capital through education excellence & value enhancement.

To ensure that MMC is keeping up to provide the highly demanded skills for the industry, some new programmes are offered to replace the less demanded programme, which also include Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia (SKM). That concluded eight (8) programmes offered in MMC and they are:-

  1. Diploma in Technology (Telecommunications Engineering)
  2. Diploma in Creative New Media
  3. Diploma in Software Engineering
  4. Diploma in Information Technology
  5. Diploma in Management with Multimedia
  6. Diploma in Accounting
  7. Certification in Multimedia Artist Visual
  8. Certification in Multimedia Designer Artist Visual & Animation